SEO India Launches a Redesigned, User-Centric Website

SEO India, one of the leading search engine optimization companies, announced today that it has officially launched a sleek, mobile-ready and user-centric redesigned website.

Vivek Srivastava, founder and spokesperson for SEO India, explained that his company’s new website clearly outlines the benefits that its SEO services provide to small business owners and why SEO India should be hired for their SEO campaigns.

“Our previous website focused more on what we do rather than how our SEO services help small business owners improve sales and grow their business while improving the online reputation of their businesses at the same time,” Srivastava pointed out. “The new website highlights why should SEO India be hired by small business owners for their SEO projects and if we would be a good match in the first place.”

SEO India, according to Srivastava, has worked with more than 200 clients from 11 countries and have a long-term business relationship with many of them.

“We don’t just rank your website, we go above and beyond,” Srivastava stressed, before adding, “Right from the selection of keywords-that-matter-to-your-business to conversion of traffic into sales, our focus will be to help you find new customers and grow your business. After all, that’s why you are hiring an SEO company.”

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