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Your Team’s Work has Changed My Business”


I wanted to take a minute and thank you for the work that you have done for me on our organic SEO keywords. I can’t begin to tell you how much you and your team’s work has changed my business and also lowered my advertising costs dramatically.

We are ranking in the top three for 10 of my best keywords (in a very competitive market) and I am getting 70% of my new business from the work you have done. My cost per lead is one fifth the cost I was paying to gain a new customer before your team started working on my SEO campaign.

Vivek, you truly are a man of your word and you have come through on everything that you said you could do. It is very rare to find a company with the skills and integrity that you have. I look forward to continuing to dominate the search results on Google for my main keywords.

Thank you.”
Michael S., Owner of an Air Conditioning Services Company, USA

High Rankings are Really Making a Difference”
These high rankings are really making a difference in our water testing business. We get calls daily now. Thanks for your efforts.”

Gerald B., Owner of a Water Testing Service, USA

Went Above and Beyond”
“This SEO service provider is bar none. The level of professionalism and expertise he provided met and exceeded every expectation I had hoped for. All replies to inquiries were timely, thorough, and to the point. This service provider went above and beyond that was required according to the stipulations of the job posting. I am so pleased with the services that I am using this provider for a new project as we speak and will continue to invite this provider to perform all future SEO related projects for my company.”

Susan M., Owner of an art and craft ecommerce store, USA

Four Great Reasons to Hire SEO India for Your Search Engine Optimization Project

1. Find New Clients, Customers or Patients

We don’t Just Rank Websites. We Go Above and Beyond.

Right from the selection of keywords-that-matter-to-your-business to conversion of traffic into sales, our focus will be to help you find new customers and grow your business.

After all, that’s why you are hiring an SEO company.

Take the first step today on your journey to higher sales.

2. Improve Your Brand Image, Enhance Your Online Reputation

We Make Our Clients’ Businesses Look Good Online.

You have credible stories to share with the world. It’s just that you didn’t have time or cared enough to let the world know about your business or the great products and/or services offered by you.

Not anymore.

Like you, your prospects too prefer to buy from reputable businesses. We will do all the grunt (and smart) work to enhance the reputation and online visibility of your business.

Get in touch with us for the added bonus of an improved online reputation in addition to higher rankings for your target keywords.

3. Work with the Experts Who Care About Your Online Assets

We Appreciate that Your Website is an Important, Long-Term Asset

Your SEO company’s short-term focus on quickly achieving high rankings can have disastrous consequences for your business.

Don’t be a sob story.

Easy peasy days of quick rankings are gone and going against the grain of search engine algorithms can do irreparable damage to your website’s rankings.

Your website needs to be optimized for long-term results.

Protecting your site from sinking in the sea of search engine results is as important as ranking it high. And, we appreciate this.

Work with the SEO company that keeps the long-term business interests of their clients in mind when optimizing their websites.

4. Affordable SEO Services for Higher Rankings and ROI

We are Competitively Priced and We Deliver Huge Value

We know controlling expenses is critical for small businesses.

That’s why, our SEO services are competitively priced while delivering quality and results. When you win, we win – so we don’t price ourselves out of the market that needs our services the most.

Are you looking for an SEO company that delivers value without costing a small fortune?

Yes, I am.

Make Me Rank

More Reviews from Real Clients

SEO India Quote for My Business was Extremely Competitive”

“SEO India quote for my business was extremely competitive. Vivek set out a plan for completion of my project, followed it to the letter and delivered my project on time and on budget. He went the extra mile in setting up a stat counter account for me and was very responsive to my queries. Not alone, as a professional buyer would I recommend Vivek, I would not go to anyone else for my SEO requirements. Excellent job by a very nice guy.”

Gerard M., Managing Director of a Logistics Company, Ireland

Saved Money by Eliminating the Need for Paid Advertising”

“My decision to hire Vivek and his team to do my SEO work was based on his numerous outstanding and glowing references I read about him. And boy, I was glad I did!
In a competitive field where excellent standards of service and delivery is the norm, Vivek and his team has delivered that and more!
They exceeded my expectations in pushing up my organic Google search listings for my targeted keywords so much so that I actually saved money in the long run by eliminating the need for paid advertising!
What impressed me even more was the generosity in their value-added services that went beyond the scope of my contract with them!
Excellent work, speedy response, utmost professionalism and value adding.”

Dr S.Y., Partner of a Classical Pilates Studio, Singapore

Did a Great Job Building My Credibility with Press Releases”

“In addition to delivering high rankings in search engines, SEO India did a great job building my credibility with press releases.”

C.L., Co-owner of an IT Consulting Company, Canada

I Keep Using them and will Continue to Use them”

“SEO India has been doing my SEO for a while now and they do a damn good job. I keep using them and will continue to use them. They’re extremely responsive and are always on top of everything. AND they got us moving forward in our SEO campaign!!!”

Julius S., Co-owner of a Music School in Singapore

Are We a Good Match for Your SEO Project?

We are a good match for you, if:

You have realistic expectations…

…and understand that tons of organic search traffic cannot be achieved overnight.


Because, your competitors have probably been investing in SEO and optimizing their websites for years and it’s not easy to outrank the well-entrenched competitors overnight.

We can get you there in a realistic timeframe and once you’re there, we can keep you on top.

You previously hired an SEO company…
…and they swindled your money and / or sank the website’s rankings and now the word ‘SEO’ makes you think of snake oil salesmen or con artists.
You spend a lot of money on PPC campaigns…
…thinking that ranking high in search engines is impossible or takes forever to achieve.
Your website was ranking high…
…but its rankings tanked. You scoured the internet to find answers only to get more confused and frustrated and you are about to give up.
You have an e-commerce store…
…which languishes in search engines as if it never existed and you sometimes wonder if your store is cursed to lower rankings.
You do in-house SEO…
…and so far the results have been mixed. You thought of consulting a company for a fresh perspective, but haven’t found the right SEO company yet.
You run a web development company…
…and receive SEO inquiries. You hired an in-house SEO help who has so far managed to get your clients listed in Google top 50 and the clients are obviously not satisfied.
We provide white label SEO services to web design and SEO companies, which means that they can claim our work as their own. Contact us today to start delivering high rankings and quality services to your SEO clients.
You are concerned about confidentiality…
…We won’t share your project details. Your information is safe with us.
Still concerned and want to sign an NDA before we start? No problem.

Yes, SEO India is a good match for my project.

More Reviews from Real Clients

One of the Best SEO Companies”

“There is no doubt in my mind that SEO India is one of the best SEO companies, if not the best. They are great to work with. Very honest, reliable, and professional. I trust them fully and they know what they are doing which is evident by the results they provide.”

Donald B., Property Management Company Owner, CA, USA

Outsourcing Dream Team to Work with”

“This is an SEO outsourcing dream team to work with. Highly recommended!”

L.M., Co-owner of an SEO Firm that Outsources Their Projects to SEO India

Don’t Go Anywhere Else, Just Pick These Guys.”

“All in all, a seriously professional SEO company in Bangalore and I am extremely happy; the results have been superb and I am continuing to use their SEO services. Vivek and Vaishali & co really are the real deal. I’m extremely happy with their service and can definitely recommend them! Don’t go anywhere else, just pick these guys.”

T.C., Photographer in London, UK

“Went Beyond the Original Plan”

“Great job by SEO India team. They were very responsive and went beyond the original plan. I am already planning to use them soon on another project.”

Nick T., Owner of a Textbook Price Comparison Engine, USA

About Us

We Do Only SEO and Do It Well


We are a Bangalore based search engine optimization company and we help small and medium businesses gain visibility in search engines, especially Google, to sell their products and services. While we are a search engine optimization company, we consider ourselves an extension of the sales and marketing departments of our clients’ businesses and our effort always is not only to rank our clients high but also do so in a manner that their high rankings generate traffic that matters and results in business leads and sales. We, at SEO India, keep our clients’ interests ahead of ours and deliver value. SEO India team has so far worked with businesses in over 70 niches from over 10 countries and have optimized more than 800 sites for over 200 clients. We also provide white label SEO services to SEO, web design, and digital marketing agencies. For inquiries, please get in touch with us at

Our unique strength is our ability to think from a user’s perspective, choose appropriate keywords, and optimize websites accordingly.


Projects Done







More Reviews from Real Clients

Impressed by Professionalism and Expertise”

“SEO India is definitely a great SEO company to work with. I’m impressed by their professionalism and expertise. The company is also excellent in communication and elaboration, always gets us answers quickly when we have questions. Recommended!”

Long N., Owner of an Online Gaming Portal, USA

Very Happy”

“I am very happy with SEO India’s on page optimization services. They are a very professional company and I would highly recommend them.”

Jenny M., Daughter of a Christian Speaker, Writer and Producer, USA

The Client Happiness Team at SEO India

SEO India team that works tirelessly to make our clients’ SEO projects a success:

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” ~ Michael Jordan


VP (Sales & Client Management)


Project Manager


Development Lead


Project Coordinator


Sr. SEO Analyst

Dilip Kumar Raju

SEO Executive

Prabhu Deva

Sr. SEO Executive

Madan Kumar

SEO Executive


SEO Analyst

Liji Joshi

Sr. SEO Executive

Joel Shamerce

SEO Analyst



More Reviews from Real Clients

These Guys are the Absolute Best!”

“SEO India team is awesome. This is the 2nd job I have hired this team for, and I am always impressed with the level of quality and responsiveness. Any SEO work I need done in the future will go right to these guys…because these guys are the absolute best!”

Alan K., Owner of a Premium Business Card Design Business, USA

Extremely Knowledgeable”

“SEO India team is wonderful. They are experts in the field and very hard and thorough workers. Extremely knowledgeable about what they do. I am so happy I used them and will do so again. Thank you!”

Lisa H., Owner of a Self Help Site in Panic Attack Niche, USA

Great Results, Great Service”

“I’ve worked with Vivek and SEO India team several times on several websites and they are top notch. Great results, great service.”

Bennet S., Sole Proprietor of a Real Estate Company, USA

Very Satisfied”

“Very satisfied with the work. The only delay was on our end which Vivek helped us work through, going above and beyond the call.”

Jeff S., Architect, USA

SEO Services That Make a Difference

This is What We Do to Rank Businesses in Search Engines

  • * Keyword Research
  • * Onpage or Onsite SEO
  • * Offsite SEO or Link Building
  • * Local SEO (Google Maps Rankings)
  • * SEO Consulting
  • * SEO Audit
  • * Link Audit
  • * Video SEO (VSEO)
  • * Citation Building
  • * Online Reputation Management
  • * Content Creation (by Native English Writers)
  • * Content Optimization
  • * Optimization of Press Releases
  • * Syndication of Press Releases


Partial List of Our Clients’ Verticals

  • 01. Financial Services (Stocks Trading & Education)
  • 02. Document Translation
  • 03. Pulp & Paper Industry
  • 04. Herbal Sleeping Aid Manufacturing Company
  • 05. Multimedia Design and Development Company
  • 06. Software Development and Training Company
  • 07. Women’s Apparels Store
  • 08. Private and Corporate Investigation Agency
  • 09. Wedding Photography Company
  • 10. Anti-aging Products Company
  • 11. Pilates Program Website
  • 12. Guitar and Piano Tutor’s Website
  • 13. Network Marketing (MLM)
  • 14. Remodeling/Home Improvement Industry
  • 15. Massage & Healing Arts School
  • 16. Logo and Corporate Identity Design Company
  • 17. Tour & Travels Companies
  • 18. Adult Entertainment Websites
  • 19. CPA / Accounting Firm Website
  • 20. Fitness Equipment Online Store
  • 21. Travel, Accommodation, & Dining Guide to Spain
  • 22. Mountain Resort / Chalets Booking Portal
  • 23. Car Rental Company
  • 24. Auto, Home, Dental, Debt Consolidation, & Life Insurance Quotes Portal
  • 25. Travel Guide to Las Vegas
  • 26. Dance Studio / School
  • 27. Construction Loans Company
  • 28. Senior Housing Provider
  • 29. Bathroom Accessories Online Store
  • 30. Real Estate (Residential / Commercial)
  • 31. Software Development Company
  • 32. Sound Loops and Samples Store
  • 33. House and Commercial Painting Company
  • 34. Specialty Chemical Formulator & Manufacturer
  • 35. Nursing Education
  • 36. Online Textbooks Wholesaler
  • 37. Yachts / Recreational Boats Broker
  • 38. Chiropractors
  • 39. Soccer Coaching
  • 40. Microscope Supplier
  • 41. Event Management Company
  • 42. Theremalware Manufacturer
  • 43. Laser Marking Systems / Laser Engravers
  • 44. Web Design Company
  • 45. Content Writing Agency
  • 46. Online Publisher of Ebooks
  • 47. Architects / House Plan Company
  • 48. CPAs / Accountants / Tax Firms
  • 49. Financial Planners
  • 50. Home Builders
  • 51. eLeaning Firm
  • 52. Online Lighting /LED Stores
  • 53. Jewelry Retailing (Genuine / Imitation)
  • 54. Jewelry Designers
  • 55. Mason Bee Company
  • 56. Web Hosting Companies
  • 57. Direct Mail Marketing Service
  • 58. Cell Phone Cover Retailers
  • 59. iPhone / iPad Repair Company
  • 60. Butcher / Meat Supplier
  • 61. Lawyers / Attorneys / Law Firms
  • 62. Doctors / Hospitals / Clinics / Healthcare Companies
  • 63. Dogs / Dogs Day Care / Online Retailer of Canine Products
  • 64. Book / Ebook Cover Designer
  • 65. Vitamins / Herbal / Organic Products Suppliers
  • 66. Fashion / Fashion Accessories / Cosmetics / Clothing Retailers
  • 67. Occupational / Car Safety Companies
  • 68. Car Repair Companies
  • 69. Maternity Clothing Retailer
  • 70. Kitchen / Bathroom Remodeling Firms
  • 71. Art & Craft Store

SEO Services That Provide Bragging Rights Too


We have Worked with Clients from Eleven Countries:

  • * USA
  • * UK
  • * Australia
  • * China
  • * Canada
  • * Singapore
  • * Germany
  • * New Zealand
  • * India
  • * Ireland
  • * Italy

More Reviews from Real Clients…

A Total Pleasure and Highly Recommended” “I can’t say enough good things about Vivek. He is a true professional in every sense of the word – high expertise, business-like, friendly – he makes you feel like your satisfaction is of the utmost importance. I will definitely be using him again. Despite many unexpected difficulties that he encountered because of technical complications on my end of things, Vivek hung in there, remained flexible, was a gentleman throughout, and still delivered the job on time. A total pleasure and highly recommended!”

S.W., Owner of a Directory of Guitar Teachers in USA

Prompt and Professional Service at All Times, Communication was Excellent” “SEO India did an excellent job on our SEO project, they provided us with prompt and professional service at all times, communication was excellent, I was kept informed at every step. Deadlines were always met and they were more than happy to offer advice or suggestions when asked. I couldn’t be happier with the work or the process. I would highly recommend working with them.”

Bruce J., Owner of a Logo Design Company, Australia

I had Other SEO Companies Work on This Project and We did not Get the Results We were After” “I am very happy with the work that SEO India did on my SEO project. I had other SEO companies work on this project and we did not get the results we were after. My client was just about ready to cancel this job. Luckily, I found Vivek and he took over the project and made the necessary changes to the site and we are already starting to see the results. My client is also seeing some results and he has decided to continue with his SEO contract. Thank you Vivek for all of your hard work.”

S.F., Owner of an SEO Company that Outsources Their Projects to SEO India

High Rate of Return on Money and Time” “Vivek of SEO India is the best. His flexible, knowledgeable, and intuitive approach to the subject of SEO is most welcome and appreciated. His willingness to apply his experience to our project while, at the same time, listen to, and answer whatever questions were presented to him has made it a pleasurable and gratifying undertaking. We have come back to him as a repeat customer for this project and will, no doubt, return to him in the future to avail ourselves of his expert and highly-valued services. For a high rate of return on money and time spent on a project, Vivek and his company, are at the top of our list. Many thanks, Vivek!”

S.W., Owner of a Directory of Music Teacher, USA

Page One Ranking on All Keywords” “Excellent job getting us Page One Ranking on all keywords. We will be using SEO India in the future!”

Jeff B., Owner of a Babysitter Directory, Australia

Helped Drive Traffic” “SEO India Team worked as required and delivered good results. They have utilized my budget and helped drive traffic levels via increased rankings.”

Gareth P., Retailer of Water Coolers, UK

Very Professional SEO Company” “Very Professional SEO Company from India”

R.H., General Manager of an Industrial Marking Company, China

Probably One of the Best” “I could not have been more pleased with SEO India’s work. The company was amazing. I highly recommend them. Probably one of the best.”

Kurt S., Owner of an Education Portal, USA

Consistently Produced Excellent Results for Me” “Vivek and team SEO India are always dependable, professional, and prompt. They have consistently produced excellent results for me.”

Jason B., Owner of a Title Loan Company, USA

Quality Work at a Great Price” “Second time using this SEO service provider. Quality work at a great price.”

Ryan M., Owner of an English Toffee Company, USA

Great Job” “Great Job. Many thanks again.”

Darren S., Owner of a Web Design Company, Australia

Did a Great Job Improving Search Engine Rankings” “SEO India did a great job improving search engine rankings for the specified keywords

Danny G., Marketing Executive of a Laser Tag Company, USA

Very Happy” “Very happy with professionalism and response.”

J.B., Owner of a Food Safety Education Company in Australia

Excellent Work as Always” “Excellent work as always by your SEO team. Much impressed!!!”

Darren S., Owner of a Web Design Company, Australia

Able to Deliver Promising Result in Difficult Situation” “Your SEO agency is very professional and helpful, and is able to deliver promising result in difficult situation. Well done and highly recommended!”

Josh B., Marketing Manager of a Telecom Major in Australia

Results Delivered as Promised” “Results delivered as promised! Vivek and his SEO company are a pleasure to work with. Prompt, responsive and professional. Very highly recommended.”

J.B., Owner of a Web Design Company, USA

Great Work” “Great work.”

Jackson M., Owner of an Online Hats and Caps Store, USA

Great to Work with” “Great to work with as always.”

Ryan M., Owner of a Mason Bees Company, USA

Very Happy” “Very happy with SEO India’s work reviewing our site and impressed with the suggestions they had made. The whole process was well simple from our side. Strongly looking forward to future gains and working with the company again.”

Darren S., Owner of a Web Design Company, Australia

Great Work” Great work and good results.”

Michael., Sourcing Manager of a Digital Agency, Australia

Did a Superb SEO Job” SEO India did a superb SEO job and I highly recommend them.”

Arden K., Owner of a Textbook Price Comparison Service, USA

Great SEO Company to Work with” “Great SEO company to work with!”

Ryan D., Owner of a Laptop Accessories Company, USA

Exceeded My Expectations” “They did a fantastic job on my SEO project. Exceeded my expectations and will defiantly use again.”

Robert L., Owner of a Fitness Equipment Store, USA

Very Happy with the Work” “Very happy with the work and continuing work on more SEO projects!”

Julian P., Owner of a Web Design Company in Sri Lanka

Great Communication and Professionalism” “Great communication and professionalism, thank you.”

Erik K., Owner of a Real Estate Portal in Washington, USA

Very Satisfied” “I was very satisfied with the SEO service provided.”

Peter K., Owner of a Software Development Company in UK

Highly Recommended” “Highly recommended SEO company!”

Julian P., Owner of a Web Design Company in Sri Lanka

As Asked and in a Timely Manner” “Completed SEO work as asked and in a timely manner. Will definitely consider hiring again!”

E.D., Owner of a Bedphone Company, USA

Will Definitely Use Again” “I’ve very happy with the work done and the SEO services provided. I will definitely use them again.”

Luke S., Owner of a Personal Fitness Training Centre, Australia

Very Happy with Ongoing SEO Work” “Very happy with ongoing SEO work.”

J.B., Owner of a Food Safety Education Company, Australia

Professional and Thorough” “Professional and thorough. SEO Work delivered as specified. Happy to recommend.”

Ashkan P., Owner of an iPhone Apps Review Website, USA

Result Oriented, Professional, and Ethical” “SEO India is a results oriented, professional and ethical SEO firm. If you want high organic search engine rankings, look no further! Highly recommended.”

F.S., Owner of an SEO Company that Outsources Their Projects to SEO India

Great to Work with” “SEO India team is great to work with.”

Kevin C., Owner of a Tennis Coaching Website, USA

Happy to Continue Our SEO Campaigns” “We are happy to continue our SEO campaigns.”

J.B., Educator at a Hospitality Industry Training Company, Australia

Absolute Pleasure to Work with” “Vivek is a master at what he does. Clear sighted, efficient, reliable and professional. He’s also a very ethical individual which makes it’s an absolute pleasure to work with him.”

Colette B., Manager of Several Travel Portals, Thailand

Skilled at SEO” “Very professional, responsive and skilled at SEO. I would highly recommend.”

DeSalle B., Owner of Healthcare Websites, USA

Exemplary” “Exemplary SEO services as always.”

L.M., CTO of a Networking Solutions Company, USA

Great Results” “Great results. Easy to deal with. Always delivers on time. Extremely professional. Very happy client!”

Bianca B., Owner of a Wedding Directory, Australia

Highly Competent” “You cannot find a better SEO expert to optimize your web site than SEO India. Very professional, highly competent and I would definitely recommend.”

G.B., Owner of a Groundwater Survey Company, Texas, USA

Would Highly Recommend.” “Excellent SEO provider. Would highly recommend.”

B.S., Partner in a Real Estate Company, USA

Prompt and Professional” “I am very happy with the work done by them. Prompt and professional. Will use them in future.”

S. Khan., CPA, USA

Moved from the Third Page of Google to 4th Position” “Thanks to SEO India, we have moved from the third page of Google to 4th position.”

Jeff S., Architect, USA

Results Speak for Themselves” “Great work. This site ranked nowhere and is now page 2. Results speak for themselves.”

Mike B., Digital Marketing Manager, Australia

Excellent SEO Experts” “Excellent SEO experts. 2nd time I’ve employed SEO India and will definitely use again.”

Ken I., Property Broker, UK

Will Definitely be Using Again in the Future” “Great SEO provider! Sent detailed status at end of project and will definitely be using again in the future.”

Sokchhan O., Retailer of Beer Pong Tables, USA

Take up Very Little of My Time” “These guys are amazing! They do what they say they are going to do, and provide me with relevant feedback. I don’t have to worry about the work they are doing. They just get it done and take up very little of my time. I don’t feel like they are constantly trying to upsell me or get more money out of me, which is something I’ve seen from other SEO vendors. Highly recommend.”

Ryan M., Owner of an English Toffee Company, USA

Excellent Experience” “Excellent experience working with SEO India!”

Tiffany., Seller of Wine Glasses, China

Dramatically Helping Our Google Ranking” “SEO India’s work is dramatically helping our Google ranking.”

Jeff S., Online Seller of House Plans, USA

Did Exactly What They Said They Would Do” “Excellent service provider and did exactly what they said they would do. Would highly recommend.”

Christian K., Wedding Photographer in UK

Suberb” “Suberb. A highly professional SEO service.”

Bruno N., Recording Studio Owner in UK

Good Job” “Good job by SEO India.”

Robert H., Owner of Wulong Tea Retailer, USA

Work was Completed in a Timely Manner” “Vivek is outstanding about communication. He asks the right questions, and provides answers when I wasn’t sure about the process. Work was completed in a timely manner, and I plan to hire him again.”

Kate S., Investment Manager, USA

We are Now in the Top 10 of Google Search” “Vivek did a great job, we look forward to working with him in the future. We are now in the top 10 of google search, and looking to start new projects. Thanks for your help.”

Russell A., Owner of a Debt Relief and Negotiation Company, USA

Remarkable Improvements in the Rankings” “Vivek lived up to his name and did a great job! His efforts so far have shown remarkable improvements in the rankings for my site. Will hire again very soon:-) Thanks!.”

Vaibhav K., Manager of an Online Retailer of a Car Parts Company, USA

Very Happy” “We will continue to work with Vivek. We are very happy with what he has done for our sites.”

Cara., Owner of a Chinese Herbs Company, USA

Very Proficient” “Recommend SEO India. They are very proficient and have helped us considerably.”

Cynthia W., Manager of a Nursing Education Company, Australia

Great Work” “Great work! Very professional, and on schedule.”

Tracy R., Virtual Hosting Provider for CPAs, USA

Terrific Results on Time and within Budget” “SEO India team continues to deliver terrific results on time and within budget. I have worked with Vivek et al on several projects now and have only rave reviews for their work.”

L.M., Co-owner of an SEO Agency that Outsources Their Projects to SEO India

Gave Us Our Ranked Positions in Good Time” “Knows his stuff and gave us our ranked positions in good time. We will be using him again, and would definitely recommend.”

Bruno N., Recording Studio Owner in UK

This Project was a Success” “SEO India team is great to work with. This project was a success. I have signed them on for a couple of other projects already. Highly professional and skilled. Thanks.”

K.C., Owner of a Gourmet Pizza Outlet, USA

Reliable” “Good, reliable SEO vendor.”

Jeff D., Owner of a Music Branding Agency, USA

Does What He says He will Do” “This is a great SEO provider who does what he says he will do. He is very professional, I would use him again.”

Neil, Owner of a Nutritional Supplements Store, USA

Your Work has Already Resulted in a New Client” “Vivek, thank you for doing such a great job. Your work has already resulted in a new client that has paid for this project. Thank you very much.”

Shayne M., Manager of a Catering Company in Australia

I Continue to be Impressed” “Vivek and his SEO team are GREAT! This is now the 3rd project I have hired them for, and I continue to be impressed with the level of communication, timeliness, and professionalism. Vivek even did a couple of unrelated “favors” and did not charge me extra. I highly recommend this provider and will definitely use them for my next project!”

Alan K., Owner of an Eyewear Ecommerce Store, USA

Work Progressed Rapidly and on Schedule” “Highly recommended. The work progressed rapidly and on schedule and additional requests were responded to graciously. Vivek is an impeccable communicator and showed great patience in leading an employer with little knowledge of SEO through the process. Would definitely hire again.”

Dr D.D., Dermatologist, Australia

Excellent Service and On Time Delivery” “SEO India provided excellent service and on time delivery.”

Matthew M., Owner of an Online Beauty Products Store, USA

Will Definitely Recommend to My Friends Who Need SEO Work” “It is very pleasant to work with Vivek! I will definitely recommend Vivek to my friends who need SEO work for their websites. Vivek is a very professional person with high working efficiency. His work is well on schedule. And I really look forward to seeing the traffic improvement on my company’s website at after his SEO work.”

Robert I., Owner of a Mobile Phone Software Company, China

Recommend Them to Everyone Who Needs SEO” “Although Vivek does not specialize in jewelry business specifically, he does know SEO and I am 110% satisfied with the job that he did, and the time in which it was completed. For the first time I can say that someone actually worked too quickly for me! I will pursue ongoing maintenance with this company and recommend them to everyone who needs SEO.”

M.C., Beaded Jewelry Designer, USA

They Know SEO” “Great Job! Easy to work with. They know SEO.”

Eric M., Realtor, USA

Fantastic Results” “Achieves exactly what he says. Great communication. Fantastic results….Highly recommend.”

M.M., Owner of a Wedding Stationery Store in Ireland

Excellent Knowledge of Search Engines” “Vivek did an excellent job on our website. His project memos and recommendations are among the best that we have received. He is very responsive and has an excellent knowledge of search engines and has a very honest approach to optimizing websites. We will continue to work with him on future projects.”

Randy C., Owner of an Online Guide to Senior Housing, USA

I will Use Him Again, So should You.” “Vivek, makes projects simple and is an expert in his field. I will use him again, so should you.”

Paul R., Owner of a Window Shutters Company, UK

Delivered Exactly what was Promised” “Delivered exactly what was promised. Great work. Will definitely use again.”

Neal K., Owner of a Web Development Company, USA

Highly Recommended” “Very professional SEO agency – highly recommended.”

Andrew P., Owner of a Recruitment Agency, UK

Stayed on Budget and on Time” “Great job on the SEO of our website. Despite unanticipated difficulties, SEO India stayed on budget and on time. Will use again. Thanks!!”

Troy D., Owner of a ‘For Sale by Owner’ Marketplace, USA

Great to Work with” “As always, Vivek was great to work with and was quick on his response! Would recommend him.”

Kevin N., Mortgage Broker, USA

Excellent” “Excellent, thorough SEO work. Highly recommend!”

Frank B., Owner of an Ergonomic Computer Accessories Store, USA

Great Job” “SEO India did a great job. I will work with them again.”

Mimi D., Owner of a Career Counseling Website, USA

Fast Turnaround” “Great SEO Work. Fast turnaround. Highly recommended.”

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Excellent Execution of a Complex and Lengthy Project” “Excellent execution of a complex and lengthy project. Went beyond project parameters to ensure customer satisfaction. Would definitely recommend.”

Jamie W., Owner of Medical Marketplace and Classifieds Portal for Doctors, UK

Very Pleasant to Work with” “We gave Vivek of SEO India a very complex project and were impressed with his professionalism and customer focus. He is very pleasant to work with and clearly understands his field. He is honest and straightforward and has very high integrity. We would recommend him without hesitation.”

Ann F., Co-owner of an Online Store of Skincare Products, USA

Excellent Work” “Excellent work!!”

Alan K., Owner of a Software Testing Certification Exam Prep Site, USA

Prompt Proposals and Reports” “This project was my first with SEO India and I am very pleased. Professional and prompt proposals and reports are really valuable.”

L.M., Co-owner of a US SEO Firm that Outsources Their Projects to SEO India

Will Use Again” “Work was completed on time and within budget. Will use again.”

Chris N., Owner of a Contact Data Management Firm for Direct Marketers, USA

Provided Good Advice and Guidance” “The first of a number of future projects we hope! Did what was asked, and provided good advice and guidance even though the site is still in conceptualization. We’re looking to work with him a lot more to gain more from his expertise.”

Paul H., Entrepreneur, USA

Outstanding Service Provider” “Vivek is an outstanding service provider. He seems to be very knowledgeable about the subject and his work ethic is great. It is too early to see the results of our SEO at this time, however I am sure that he did everything that he could. We are looking forward to work with Vivek on our other projects.”

Z. M., Manager at a Nano Sciences Company, USA

Affordable” “Vivek has been great to work with, extremely professional, fast, affordable and most of all knowledgeable. I highly recommend him and can’t wait to start enjoying the fruits of his labor with more leads.”

Jeff P., Owner of a House Painting Company, USA

Quality of Communication was First Class” “I would strongly recommend this provider. The task was performed to a very high standard and the quality of communication was first class. A thoroughly pleasant experience, which I hope to benefit from again.”

Alistair., Owner of a Software Development Firm, UK

Fully Understood What We were Trying to Achieve” “Vivek, was great to work with. He fully understood what we were trying to achieve. He prepared detailed SEO documents for us to look over. We provided feedback and he went to work. Time will tell how successful this project will be, but the early results appear very good.”

Michael P., Distributors of Material Handling Equipment, USA

Beyond Expectations and Detailed” “Vivek is in my opinion the SEO King. The only words I can describe of his services are professional, beyond expectations and detailed. Thanks.”

Rick G., Owner of a Construction Loan Business, USA

Solid Suggestions that were Much More Creative” “I do not have the results yet – but I know SEO and Vivek knows what he is doing and had good, solid suggestions that were much more creative (still white hat) than previous companies I had worked with.”

Scott B., Realtor, USA

Very Comprehensive SEO Audit Report” “Vivek provided a very comprehensive SEO audit report which was extremely useful for my site. He was very responsive to all of my follow-up questions (which were many) with a quick turnaround time and valuable information. Overall, a pleasure to work with and someone I would highly recommend.”

Ari C., Car Enthusiast, USA

Attention to Detail was Incredible” “Vivek did a great job! He was highly knowledgeable and thorough and his attention to detail was incredible. He takes time to understand your business, to study your site, then optimizes your pages (and if necessary, he will even optimize your website structure), keywords, and meta descriptions to ensure that your pages get a high ranking and quick indexing. Google now visit our homepage EVERY DAY! Vivek also has excellent knowledge of HTML and I have never employed anyone who understand PAGERANK quite like Vivek does. I guess a Masters Degree in Engineering helps! Vivek will make sure that your site is giving weight to the pages that MATTER and he does this with extremely clever “WHITE HAT” SEO methods. To summarize, we were extremely impressed with the quality of Vivek’s work and we look forward to working with him on future projects! 100% Recommended!!!”

Jan F., Suppliers of Music Software and Producer Loops, UK

Thanks” “Thanks for the great work, team SEO India.”

Sirus A., Owner of Dance Studio, Canada

Truly Exceeded My Expectations” “Excellent provider. Truly exceeded my expectations. Excellent job.”

Jessica., Las Vegas Travel Review Website Manager, USA

Outstanding Job” “Vivek did an outstanding job! Great work and more thorough than I even considered. He went above and beyond for our sites.”

Kevin N., Mortgage Broker, USA

Exceeded All Expectations with their Level of Work” “SEO India has done work for me before and as usual has performed to an exceptional standard. If you want SEO done for your website they will be able to help you. I have not had one problem and this time they exceeded all expectations with their level of work and extra service (at no charge). Will definitely use SEO India again.”

Cameron S., Fitness Equipment Seller, Australia

100% Satisfied with the Work” “Before beginning the project, I received a complete detail of what would be provided, and provided a complete detail of what had been done after project completion. I will definitely use this SEO company again for future projects. I was 100% satisfied with the work.”

Iman Y., Real Estate Agent, USA

Very Helpful and Fast” “SEO India team was very helpful and fast.”

Sonja S., Owner of a Mountain Resort, Australia

SEO Work has Already Shown Positive Results” “Vivek was wonderful to work with and went beyond the agreed parameters of the project to help me achieve the desired result. He put great energy, generosity and commitment into his work and seemed to care about my website as if it was his own. His SEO work has already shown positive results. His communication was immediate, knowledgeable, informative and kind and in addition to completing the project to my satisfaction, he took significant extra time to allow me to learn alot in the process. I highly recommend him and will definitely work with him again.”

Vajra M., Owner of a Massage School, USA

Diligent and Quick” “Very responsive, diligent and quick. Takes his job seriously and is a responsible professional. I will certainly hire him again in the future.”

Julian L., Owner of a Malaysian Stock Market Review Website, Hong Kong

Went Above and Beyond” “Vivek is great to work with. He went above and beyond what my project description said. He was able to listen and ask questions to make sure he understood my exact requirements. He responded immediately to my questions. I can’t say enough about his work and I am going to use his services for a long time. You would be smart to as well.”

Taylor D., Network Marketer, USA

The Experience was Fantastic” “I worked with Vivek from SEO India for a little over a week. The experience was fantastic. I am new to web based advertising and I had many questions. Vivek answered all of them in a timely fashion and gave me complete coherent explanations. I have no complaints about the work he did, only compliments. I will definitely hire Vivek again for my next project.”

D.B., Piano Teacher, Australia

Knows SEO Well” “Fast, honest and reliable. Knows SEO well. Quality in every way. He is a true professional.”

Andrew L., Entrepreneur, USA

Wonderful SEO Company” “Wonderful SEO Company to Work with”

J.S., Owner of an Online Furniture Store, USA

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