Seven Steps to Eliminating Low Quality SEO Proposals

Hiring the right person for the right job has never been easy, and more so when it’s raining proposals after you advertise your SEO project or send your request for proposals to SEO companies.

Eliminate the service providers that are obviously not a good fit for your project. Here are the seven steps to doing so:

  1. Arrange the proposals you received with the highest-fee proposal listed at the top.
  2. Delete the highest-fee proposal with the contempt it deserves. SEO campaigns do not have to cost a small fortune.
  3. Trash the lowest-fee proposal right this moment. WHY? Because, SEO is NOT a cost. It’s an investment in your business and you do not want to invest in junk.
  4. Ignore the bottom 25% of the proposals competing on fee to snatch your SEO campaign, only to disappoint soon.
  5. Avoid one-man armies.
  6. Maintain a safe distance from SEO newbies, as they tend to learn at the expense of their clients’ marketing budget.
  7. Run away from SEO con-artists promising the moon, tonight.

In the next blogpost, we will discuss how to hire the right SEO company for your SEO campaign after you have eliminated the candidates using the above process.

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