SEO India Now Offering White Label SEO Services to SEO, Web Design, and Digital Marketing Agencies

According to a recent study by the Small Business Bureau, there are more than 30 million small businesses in the Unites States and more than 115 million small businesses in the world, and most of these would like to appear higher in search rankings. Thanks to the new white label SEO services being offered by SEO India to web design, digital marketing, and SEO agencies, the businesses working with these agencies are now able to rank high and profit more. “Higher search engine rankings, or getting to page number one on Google equals virtually no advertising costs, more customers, and higher profits, which is what our white label SEO services will allow agencies to do for themselves while also offering it to their customers for increased value,” said Vivek Srivastava, founder of SEO India. “White label SEO solutions means that all SEO services are 100 percent re-brandable, so your agency can sell it as your own service. These SEO services are designed to get your clients found in SERPs and increase their online visibility against the competition without you needing to worry about fulfillment,” added Srivastava. “Whether you run a web development company, digital marketing company or an SEO agency, you can simply sign up new clients and ask us to discreetly run their SEO campaigns and forward them our white label SEO reports,” Srivastava said, before highlighting, “They are still your clients – 100 percent; but with us running the SEO side of things, you have time and capacity to work with more clients and increase the size of your business.” Srivastava went on to point out that running a successful SEO campaign requires a serious team effort from specialized talent such as SEO analysts, content writers, outreach specialists, link earners, and more. That’s why, according to Srivastava, single-person armies can’t simply do it all, no matter how well-intentioned they are. “When you hire us, your SEO campaign is taken care of by a team of experts who eat, drink, and sleep SEO every day,” Srivastava stressed. “We provide quality SEO services which help you retain your clients for a longer duration which essentially means our SEO services open a sustainable revenue stream for you where your efforts are limited only to signing up new clients and the rest is taken care of by us – month after month – year after year. It’s important to highlight here that it’s not unusual to retain clients for two or three years.” SEO India has received rave reviews from advertising agencies and small businesses across the globe. In fact, M.C., owner of an SEO Agency in Virginia, said, “I work with SEO India team and I continue to be impressed with their skill and speed! The reports they send are very detailed and easy to understand. Their communication and timing are excellent.” But that’s not all. S.F., owner of an SEO company that outsources their projects to SEO India, agree with those sentiments declaring, “I am very happy with the work that SEO India did on my SEO project. I had other SEO companies work on this project and we did not get the results we were after. My client was just about ready to cancel this job. Luckily, I found Vivek and he took over the project and made the necessary changes to the site and we are already starting to see the results. My client is also seeing some results and he has decided to continue with his SEO contract. Thank you Vivek for all of your hard work.” For more information, please visit: and

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